Jessner’s Chemical Peel

These chemical peels can be adjusted based on the degree of penetration into the skin for a light to medium depth peel. They are unique and adjustable and are great for aging skin to rejuvenate and restore the skin, improving wrinkles, age spots. This peel is also well suited for scarring including acne scarring and smoothing the texture of the skin. These peels will even improve adult acne and control oil production. If you also suffer from hyperpigmentation, this can improve the dark pigment associated with this condition while exfoliating the skin.

Questions and Answers:

How often can I get this treatment performed?

This depends on the level of the chemical peel performed, as this can be done as a light peel or a medium peel. Please ask Dr. Twigg at the time your peel is performed. This often can be done from 1-3 months apart, depending on the level achieved with the peel.

I would like to come in to get this chemical peel done. I’ve never had a chemical peel done in the past and I’m not using anything except grocery store skincare I’ve purchased for my face. Will I be able to have this done at my first appointment?

This one is difficult to answer, but it is likely you will be able to have a light Jessner’s or modified Jessner’s chemical peel. You would come in for a full consultation first to evaluate your skin as you may have other treatments that would be a better option for you. However, this may fit your needs as well. After an initial light chemical peel you would start on the medical grade skincare regimen I have recommended for you and perhaps additional topical medications to further prepare your skin for a medium depth peel in a few weeks.

Can I still exercise after I get my peel?

Aerobic or vigorous exercise should be avoided for the first 48 hours, longer if the skin feels tight and leathery.

My skin is peeling.  What do I do now?

This is normal. DO NOT peel, rub or scratch your skin at any time. This WILL cause damage to your skin and can compromise your results and can possibly cause marks, scars, or stains on your skin. Please continue to apply the recommended products only to your skin. If you have a piece of dry skin lifted up, snip it off with clean scissors, but do not pull it off.


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