If you see lines and wrinkles, scarring to include acne scarring, sagging skin tone, irregular pigment in the skin such as age spots or sun spots, or dull lifeless skin this treatment will target your skin and improve your appearance.  This treatment can be used on any area of the body to improve tone and scars such as stretch marks as well. Pore size will diminish as new collagen develops, the skin begins to smooth and the skin rejuvenation process continues for months following the procedure to reveal the new you.   This treatment resurfaces the skin and uses fractionated ablative radiofrequency to create thermal micro-injuries, stimulating new healthy tissue through collagen induction therapy, restoration, and rejuvenation of healthy young tissue to regrow. 

This therapy uses an innovative fractionated radiofrequency technology, only affecting fractions or pin-points within the treatment areas leaving other parts unaffected resulting in quicker healing with dramatic results instead of weeks of downtime and less risks involved.  Previous technologies used laser energy to burn off the entire top layer of skin resulting in extended downtime and weeks of recovery. 

Questions and Answers

How does Skinfinity RF work?

Skinfinity uses a customizable, fractionated, ablative radiofrequency resurfacing the skin and causing microscopic thermal injuries for self-healing and new production of healthy, young collagen and elastin fibers to restore skin tone and elasticity, improve pore-size and acne or other scarring, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.  The way this is used allows for rapid healing with very dramatic results.

Am I a good candidate for this treatment?

Skinfinity can be used on most skin types safely as opposed to other laser treatments.

What does it feel like?

Skinfinity can feel slightly warm to hot depending on the treatment level selected as well as your pain tolerance.  You will also have had a numbing cream applied prior to the treatment, so it is quite tolerable.  You will feel a zapping sensation as the treatment progresses.

How long does the treatment take?

Depending on the area being done, it will likely take 45-75 minutes  for your appointment.  Some of that time is just you having a numbing cream on and you relaxing. 

What will it be like after the treatment?  How long is my recovery? 

The skin will feel warm-hot with some stinging still occurring for several hours, usually stopping by the following morning.  The skin can be slightly pink to bright red, depending on the treatment level used.  Some even develop a little swelling, but this usually resolves over a few days, as well as the redness.  The skin will feel sensitive to touch for a couple of days as well.  You will begin to have sloughing and peeling around day 3 and be mostly healed by day 7.  Some may require additional healing days.

Can I return to work the following day?

You can, although you may want to plan this so you can take a couple of days off after, as you will be red, dry, and may even have swelling after.  You will need to use no makeup for at least 3 days and be using liberal amounts of moisturizing and protective products that I require you to use. 

How long will it take until I see results?

The skin will be revitalized after it has healed, but complete remodeling of the skin takes about 6 month’s time, so it will continue to improve for several months after the initial beautiful smooth skin emerges in 1-2 weeks.

How many treatments should I have?

To restore the skin and years of damage, a series of at least 4-6 treatments at intervals of every 4-6 weeks are recommended for optimal results.  Some may need more than this depending on the degree of damage.  In addition, age, condition of skin, health, lifestyle choices and other factors do play a role in the skin’s response to treatments.  Following this and to keep your new beautiful skin results, maintenance sessions should be done every 3-6 months for life to continually rebuild new collagens and smooth and resurface the skin.

Can this treatment be combined with other treatments?

Yes, this treatment can be combined with microneedling as well as with PRP for an amazing treatment.  Microneedling can add additional collagen induction stimulation.  PRP, or platelet rich plasma, can aid in healing and stimulate regeneration of tissue more quickly.  It is the ultimate treatment.    


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