Dull, Lifeless Skin

Do you ever feel like you just have lost something in your complexion? Oftentimes, the skin can just start appearing dull.  It can lose its luster and appear lifeless and without its usual sparkle.  The surface of the skin may start to appear more rough.  It may become more etched, more yellowing may occur as you age, and shadowing and darkness around the eyes and hollows may make you just appear kind of “blah”.   Many of the treatments below are designed to brighten up the skin,  stimulate new healthy collagens and elastins, diminish lines and wrinkles, and produce and healthier glowing skin.  In addition, sun protection at all times, healthy lifestyles, adequate hydration, and overall health will keep your skin looking its best.

Your initial evaluation will be completed and treatments are then customized for you.  You will then be followed closely to review your response to your treatments.